We are so happy to bring you this for the first time that we know of online. I know many people who heard these as kids and remember the core of the message strength and hope. We found these on some old Cassette Tapes and converted them to a digital media format to preserve them and to allow more people to hear it and find it. There is not much known at this time about the speaker, where it was recorded, nor the exact date. We are pretty sure it was preached some time between 1980-1985. There was a Presidential Election mentioned which means it was probably either 1980 or 1984. Our hope is that it will encourage you, bless you, inspire you and draw you closer to CHRIST. Please enjoy! At this time they are only available on iTunes, Podcast and for Download.

EAGLES I (Get Out Of The Wilderness)
Although most people have heard these on old cassette tapes I wanted to digitize them to give out on CD and then decided to do this website so people could get them for free and fast. You can use iTunes to burn a CD of it or to put it on your iPod. If you do not use iTunes you can use other programs as well such as Roxio. It is in MP3 format. We do have the CD available and we do not make a profit from it, but there is expense in putting it together and shipping it. $5.00 per CD plus shipping. Please contact us if you prefer a CD mailed to you and we will send you details on where to send the money and fulfil your order:

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EAGLES II (Get Out Of The Wilderness)
This is the second series preached on Sunday night and completes the 2 part series of the Eagle Sermons. Just like the one above we do not make any profit off of these. Our only goal is to get them to people who want them and to preserve this incredible sermon series. Please choose the way you would like to have this message FREE of charge. iTunes and iPod users can subscribe for free to the podcast or if you can download the MP3 version here from our site or use another Podcast program to subscribe to the Feed all for free:

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